O.U.R. Hearts

And he said to them, “How many loaves have you? Go and see.” ~Mark 6:38

Launching Summer 2018, the Craigsville Area Food Pantry and Craigsville Presbyterian Church invite you to join us in being the hands, feet and heart of Christ in Craigsville and the surrounding areas.

O.U.R. – Outreach, Understanding, Rejoicing – Hearts is an affordable short-term missions experience for churches and youth groups. We have opportunities for week-long experiences in the summer months and  weekend and single day experiences year-round. Groups are housed in the church, which has full shower facilities.

What does the experience offer? Mission teams will

• Prepare for their visit through a study of the culture of generational poverty and food insecurities
• Participate in and help lead in creative worship and devotion experiences during the week
• Plan and complete service work needed in the community
• Use the food pantry to understand how it supports those who need the extra support to alleviate hunger

The goals for the mission trips are to
♥ Support worship for Craigsville Presbyterian Church
♥ Support and strengthen as we are able the work of the Craigsville Area Food Pantry
♥ Foster ongoing relationships
♥ Educate about food insecurities and generational poverty

Learn more: Download the O.U.R. Hearts handout or view a week schedule, a weekend schedule, or a day schedule, and contact Rev. Gwen Carr at OURheartsCPC@gmail.com. By the way, the above photo is a potato! Click here for the story.

Outreach … Understanding … Rejoicing
Touching Hearts